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With the divorce rate continuous going up, it is essential to know someone that can help out in sorting all the legalities that come with it. Given that almost everything that’s important from the properties, assets, alimonies, and even custody need to be settled during the occurrence of a divorce, one cannot give the responsibility to just anyone. It needs to be handed over to only the best and the most trustworthy teams.

Robert E. Canfield & Associates is a law firm with a 30 year track record, a local divorce attorney in Rockford IL.

Our firm has the track record of bringing solutions to all the aspects of divorce, often without the necessity of litigation. The attorneys are so experienced that they will advocate on behalf of you in the following areas:

as well as time sharing: The courts of Illinois are such that they encourage in sharing the duties of parenting with as much equality as possible. “Visitation” and “custody” are not terms that are much used.

Irrespective of the fact whether you want to pay or to receive child support, it is important that you consult the local divorce attorneys and law firm since they will be familiar with the guidelines of child support.

This is a mode of providing spousal support. Whether you will pay or receive it, go for a professional consultation.

You know you’re in the right hands when a team that consists of highly specialized attorneys in the field are the ones taking care of your needs.

Knowing that divorce cases can be messy and complex, we made sure that our teams are composed of well knowledgeable and competent individuals on the subject of divorce to lessen any concerns on their capability to settle the issues at hand. After all, it is already enough stress to go through a divorce and to have also to worry about the capabilities of your legal team would be an additional burden.

The best divorce attorneys in Rockford are provided to you, but also someone that can cater to your specific priorities regarding the settlements. Whatever aspect of the prenuptial and post-divorce agreements you would want to focus on, you are assured that our attorneys can handle it in the most effective and efficient manner.

The modern age has been witness to many broken marriages. Whatever the reason might be, the rate of divorce is on an exponential rise over the last few years. For most people, divorce is of course not a pleasant experience and perhaps one of the most challenging situations to grapple with.

Rockford IL divorce signifies the end of a marital life, and we totally understand the emotional stress that is brought about by divorce. The attorneys of our law firm are skilled enough to deal with complex divorce cases. The percentage of case load is very high when it comes to divorce cases. This should proof enough to you that the attorneys of Robert E. Canfield & Associates are adept at providing you with legal solutions. Our lawyers will help you in identifying the key objectives and then slowly develop a legal strategy that will assist in achieving those goals. The lawyers have such experience that they can resolve any conflict through the process of both meditations as well as litigation. Maintaining the privacy of our clients is the foremost priority of our lawyers since marital matters are concerned.