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Traffic Ticket Attorneys in Rockford

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Rockford Traffic Attorney: Receive reliable and sensitive traffic law advice.

Buckle up and prepare for the legal road ahead

Don’t let traffic violations put a stop to your busy life. Contact us to help you prepare for the road ahead after you’ve been confronted with:

– Speeding Tickets
– Operating an Uninsured Vehicle
– Driving on a Suspended License


Traffic violations can be more serious than you’d think. They can result in missed work, payment of significant fines and fees, loss of driving privileges, and increased insurance rates. If you are charged with a traffic offense, contact Canfield & McKenna for a free consultation to discuss your best defense.

Having over 30 years of experience practicing law, Canfield & McKenna has taken part in a vast amount of different traffic violation issues.

Never assume that just because you have a traffic violation charge, you will be found guilty. There are many times that the evidence found against you can be challenged and even defeated just by having the assistance of an experienced traffic violation attorney like Canfield & McKenna.

Rockford Traffic Ticket Lawyer
Rockford, Illinois located in Winnebago County and has a large amount of traffic and drivers are receiving an increased amount of traffic tickets. Most of the time, traffic tickets are often avoidable with the correct representation.   Canfield & McKenna is also a divorce attorney in Rockford and family law attorney in Rockford IL

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